“Costa Rica— the history of excellent coffee development”

In Coffee Roasters Asia, coffee bean from Costa Rica is always a popular item. I have thought about the reasons why she would be outstanding among the single origin coffee: the famous representative in Central America coffee; the distinct profile of the coffee flavor, the excellent quality……Besides, I believe there should be something behind to […]

Original taste of coffee: French Press’ Secret

Since the 11th century, people started to treat coffee as a kind of drink. They make coffee and drink coffee. After a long time of invention and development, the way of coffee manual brewing are colourful and diverse. If you would like to make a cup of coffee, the process could be as complicated as […]

“Distinct and Unique African Coffee: Tanzania- The coffee world in Mount Kilimanjaro”

What could you first think of when we discuss the coffee from countries in Africa? Would it be Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee? Or Kenya, well known by its acidity of coffee? Maybe Rwanda? Her coffee is famous because of the fruity and floral aroma. In this article, I am not going to discuss those […]

“French Roast?The Darkest Coffee Roasting level in Coffee Roasters Asia? Let’s explore!”

Have you heard about “French Roast”? If you are not a coffee lover, you may think that it is a term to describe pastry baking. Actually, there is a certain level of roasting we can define in Coffee. When we describe a piece of fried steak, there would have levels like medium rare, medium, medium […]

“Organic and Fair trade coffee-The production attitude of Kopepi Ketiara Cooperative”

There are a lot people talking about healthy life in recent few years. In Hong Kong, people are usually having a busy life and being over-whelmed by work. Therefore, people are paying attention in work-life balanced recently,trying to have a healthier life. And thus, there are some merchants claiming the products they are selling are […]

Coffee Grinder for home user: Hand Grinder vs Electric Grinder

Folks who would brew some coffee at home when having a leisure time may have a hand grinder. If you are a barista or a coffee lover, you may even have an electric grinder! There are a lot of types of coffee grinder: hand grinder or electric grinder, stainless steel or woody grinder; even for […]

The Glamor of Central America’s and Caribbean Island’s coffee

Have you ever heard about “Coffee Belt”? “Coffee Belt” is referring to the area between Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn, and close to Equatorial. Since the area located close to Equatorial, the climate condition is perfect to grow coffee. That is why countries who produce coffee in the world are mostly laid on […]

A sound that every roaster is finding – the sound of first crack

Photo Credit: Honest Coffee Roasters Do you guys like cooking? When the food is cooking on the pan, it usually releases smell, heat energy and even sound. If we fried some food in a right way, we could say it has “Wok Hei” in Chinese. In the previous articles, we discussed that coffee roasting shares […]

Pre- heat vs Cooling down: Easily be ignored in Coffee Roasting

  Pre- heat and cooling down process in coffee roasting are small but important procedures. One of them is the start of coffee roasting: to give a suitable temperature of the drum, while the other one is the last part of roasting: to preserve the coffee flavour and bring the sudden change of the bean […]

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