Customer Support: Online Shopping FAQ


1. Are the coffees in Coffee Roasters Asia freshly roasted?

Yes, they are. The coffees we provided are under quality control with a high standard. We make sure the beans we provided are freshly roasted coffee with the roasted date not more than 7 days.

2. How long does the process take once I place an order?

We would normally process and arrange shipment of the order within 1-2 business day once we received it with payment.

3. What kind of payment methods may I use?

We accept Paypal, Credit card and direct bank-in payment. If you choose the direct bank-in payment method, please kindly send the bank-in receipt to after you made a deposit. Order would be cancelled automatically if we can’t receive the payment within 2 business day.

4. Do you guys have any retail store?

We don’t have any retail store at the moment. We may have a few stock in our Coffee Roastery in Aberdeen but it varies depending on our daily roasting schedule. Therefore we strongly recommend our customer to buy our products online.


1. What kind of couriers are you using for the dispatch?

For the package weight 400g or below, we would use HKpost to ship our product.
For the package weight 400g above, we would use Ta-Q-Bin as our courier.

2. How long does it take?

It would be vary according to different shipping method. You may expect the coffee takes 1-3 days once we shipped.

3. What if I receive a wrong package? or what if the shipment of my order is lost?

Please kindly send an email to our customer service department (, we would follow the case, and rearrange another package to you if necessary.

4. If I have a preferred delivery time schedule, how can I let you know?

There would be a column for any remark under the check out process. You may make a remark to us. We would arrange it as long as we could.

5. Can I pick up the coffee by myself?

Yes, you can. You may choose “Local pick up@ Aberdeen Office” when you are checking out. We would contact you by email about the available time for the pick up. It usually takes 1-2 business day. 

Our roastery is located in Aberdeen, Hong Kong. Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm.

6. What is the shipping charge if I purchase under HKD500?

It depends how much you order. For example, 200g would be charged HKD15, 400g would be charged HKD30, 1kg would be charged HKD40, etc.

Question about our coffee

1. Why buy fresh coffee?

Do you buy baked goods that are weeks or even months old? Of course not. Only freshly roasted coffee can deliver the sweet experience that is aromatic and full of flavour.

2. Why buy from a local coffee roaster?

Freshness and customer service are the key benefits. With our own coffee roasting facility located in Aberdeen district of Hong Kong, we roast our coffee and make delivery daily. That means you can serve freshly roasted coffee in your home or business.

3. How is your coffee different from super market coffee?

Most coffee in supermarket are old and stale. They are usually roasted half the world away, and take months before they reach you. Our coffee is roasted locally and deliver to our customers quickly to ensure they can enjoy fresh and delicious coffee.

4. Where do you source your coffee green beans?

We sourced high quality green coffee around the world to bring you the best blends and single origin coffee.