Coffee Brewing Series 2- Pour Over

LET’S BREW POUR OVER COFFEE Coffee is one of the three most-popular beverages in the world (alongside water and tea). Once coffee beans have been harvested and roasted, it’s time to convert them into a liquid. One way is the pour over method. Pour over coffee has been rapidly obtaining popularity over the last several […]

Coffee Brewing Series 1- Cold Brew

ALL ABOUT MAKING A GOOD COLD BREW Are you craving for a good iced coffee in a hot afternoon, but usually ends up tasting watery or overly bitter coffee? Cold brew coffee saves the day! This method guarantees a smooth, icy, and a perfect cup. Making cold brew coffee is no great secret, nor does […]

Hawaii Kona Coffee

WHAT IS HAWAII KONA COFFEE? HISTORY Back in 1817, horticultural experimenter don Francisco de Paula Marin attempt to grow coffee in Hawaii. He introduced several plant species to the Hawaiian Islands but failed to do so for coffee plants. In 1828, in the Kona District of Kailua-Kona, Samuel Reverend Ruggles planted the very first coffee […]

Americas Beans Series 5 – Coffee Origin in Guatemala

Coffee Origin in Guatemala Guatemala is located in Central America. It is a country with tropical rainforest weather, high humidity, and warm temperatures throughout the year. Together with Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Panama, it forms the Central America Volcanic Arc. For this reason, Guatemala has a historical background of natural disasters as […]

Americas Beans Series 4 – Coffee Origin in Brazil

The story tells us about the struggles that this captain had while keeping alive a coffee branch stolen from the gardens of King Luis XIV all the way through the Atlantic Ocean to finally plant it in those Islands. From this point, coffee jumped to Haiti, Cuba, and the rest of the Caribbean Island and […]

Americas Beans series 3– Venezuela Coffee Story

The ports located in the Caribbean islands were witnesses of the raising of trading between South America and the old continent. Coffee traveled from Europe in the pockets of merchants, missioners and slaves, we may bring back the name of Josè Gumilla, author of “El Orinoco Ilustrado” (The Orinoco Ilustrated), as the mayor documented evidence […]

Americas Beans series 2– Costa Rican Coffee Story

Eduardo Matos History Costa Rica is a country located aside Panama, its position in the central region of America, in the bridge between the north and the south made this zone part of an interesting trading dynamics among the native populations. When the foreigners arrive from the old continent, they found a high diversity of […]

Americas Beans series 1 – Colombian Coffee Story

Coffee has made its path around the world, travelling in the trading routs from Ethiopia to the Arabic world,  passing through Europe and reaching the “new world”, becoming part of the economic force of the so called “developing countries”. The arrival of coffee to Colombia was most probably made from Venezuela, due to the spreading […]

Tales from Africa Series 3 – Rwanda Coffee

Rwanda Coffee Beans Rwanda іѕ blessed with раrtісulаrlу gооd coffee-growing conditions: hіgh altitude, vоlсаnіс ѕоіl аnd plenty оf ѕun аnd equatorial mist. Known as thе “Land оf a Thousand Hіllѕ,” many оf them аrе cultivated іn hіgh-grоwn соffее bеtwееn 1700 and 2000 meters аbоvе ѕеа lеvеl (MASL). Rwanda coffee саn bе wоrld сlаѕѕ. Thеу often […]