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IBERITAL Coffee Machines

Since 1975, Iberital espresso machines have been produced for high quality cafes and restaurants around the world. Designed and manufactured in Barcelona, the Iberital coffee machine is one that utilises the strengths of unique Catalan design to create something incredibly special.

Iberital is known for producing coffee machines that are dynamic and versatile, and can easily fit into the system of a small café or a large restaurant that caters to hundreds of people each day. Sophisticated and innovative, the Iberital espresso machine has earned a global reputation for being adaptable and highly reliable.

Take a look at some of Iberital coffee machines here.


The Next-Generation of Espresso Machine

Coffee Machine Solution

Precision Espresso Making.
Accurate, Consistent, Tasty Coffee (A.C.T.)

IBERITAL - VISION Espresso Machine
It’s time to look ahead. Disrupt. Improve. Create. Time to risk, to define what’s next, to stay truthful to our origins and make what we think it’s best.
Designed by Andreu Carulla.
  • App Interface with Tablet Included
  • Personalize a Variety of Finishes
  • Intelligent Multiboiler System
  • Efficient Energy Saver
  • Independent Water Circuits
  • Fully Connected Machine
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IBERITAL - VISION 1-Group Espresso Machine
Same features, minimal looks: introducing the one group version of the next generation of espresso machines.
  • Available in 3 Models
  • Best Cup Result
  • Efficient Energy Use
  • Fully Connected Machine
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IBERITAL - Expression Pro Espresso Machine
Expression is Attitude. The coffee machine is a visual focus of attention in a coffee shop, an opportunity to enhance the character of the premises in an attractive and memorable way.
  • Dual boiler system
  • PID Electronic Temperature Control
  • New Easy-to-Use TFT Colour Touchscreen
  • Bigger Drip Tray That Increases Comfort & Greater Freedom of Movement
  • New Steam Levers with Improved Ergonomy & Redesigned Steam Wands
  • Choices for Glossy White or Matte Black Shell finishes
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IBERITAL - Tandem Espresso Machine
Coffee lover, meet Tandem. Tandem, meet coffee lover. We are proud to present you Tandem, an all-around espresso machine with an iconic design that is easy to use, powerful, and attractive in any setting.
  • Mono Boiler System
  • Electronic Dosage
  • High-Design is Our Blueprint
  • Complement Your Tandem with IB Connect
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NEW IBERITAL - Espresso Machine

An espresso machine that combines power with style. Meet the New Iberital, a machine with simple and refined lines that gives softness to the touch.

  • Innovation - Refined and Simple Lines, Softness to the Touch

  • Group E61 - The Best Temperature Maintenance in the Group

  • Long Duration Steam Tap

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IBERITAL - IB7 Espresso Machine

IB7 is the perfect machine for small spaces. A machine with a smart, compact design that retains the robustness and durability of all Iberital products. The perfect piece for your business. 

  • Ergonomically Tilted Portafilter

  • Functional, Reliable, Powerful & Smart

  • Available in 1, 2 or 3 groups

  • The Greatest Things in Life are Colourful

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COMPAK - F8 Dose By Weight Coffee Grinder

Grinding to the next level.

  • Bean Flow Control via High Precision Auger

  • 1, 2 or 3 On Demand Ground Coffees

  • Precise Dosing

  • Push Button "Grind" for Manual Dosing

  • Motor with Fan

  • Three Positions Switch with By-Pass

  • Universal Adjustable Height Porta Filter Holder

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Consistency of pressing in all services, flat and without residues.

Its small size makes it the ideal complement for coffee shops that want to guarantee optimal extraction.

Compatible with most filter holders on the market.

  • Ensure consistent puck integrity through unmatched pressure control

  • Adjustable tamping pressure from 10 to 30 kg (22-66 lb.)

  • Measure unit selection (Kg/lb.)

  • Portafilter holder adjustable height to fit all types of portafilter

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