Frequently asked questions


1. What are your online store hours and processing time?

Online store hours: 24/7 Customer service hours: Monday - Friday, 9AM - 6PM (except public holidays). Customer service channels:

  • Live Chat on website,
  • WhatsApp +852-9889-6155,
  • Email:
Order Processing cut off time: Monday - Friday 2:00pm. Orders arriving before 2pm on a work day will be processed and shipped on the same day. Orders arriving after 2:00pm will be processed and shipped on the following work day. All weekend or public holiday orders will be processed and shipped on next work day.

2. What kind of payment methods may I use?

We accept Paypal, Credit card, AlipayHK / Alipay and direct bank-in payments (ATM, FPS, Bank Transfer). If you choose the direct bank-in payment method, please kindly send the bank-in receipt to after you made a deposit. If you choose AlipayHK / Alipay, please scan our QR code to make payment then leave your invoice number on the personal message field.

3. Do you have any retail store?

We don’t have any retail store. We recommend our customer to buy online.

4. What is your return policy and quality assurance policy?

Return Policy: Coffee is a food product. We don’t not offer a general return policy, and cannot accept return of any open bag products. Quality Assurance: We roast our coffee in our own licensed facility in Hong Kong, and we stand by our coffee 100%. If there is any quality issue with our coffee, simply contact us via email Our customer service staff will replace the products and resolve any quality issue.


1. What type of shipping methods are available and your service areas?

  1. HKPost Smart Post - deliver to all postal address, including all HK, KLN, NT urban areas, most outlying islands and rural areas. It takes +2-3 days to deliver. Postman will attempt 1 delivery to your address. If unsuccessful, you will receive SMS or notice card to collect the parcel from your local post office. Online tracking is available.
    Tracking URL
  2. SF Express - deliver to most commercial and residential areas, including all HK, KLN, NT urban areas, some outlying islands town areas. It takes +1 day (next day) to deliver. You may request AM or PM delivery time.
    **For residential address, Courier may contact you via mobile phone to confirm delivery time. Its is essential to accept these phone call, or it will delay your delivery.
    Online tracking is available. (SF provides detail status tracking, including deliveryman’s mobile phone number)
    Tracking URL
  3. SF Station and Smart Lockers - This can be arranged by request. Please leave service location code in the comment area. If order under $500, you need to choose to Courier SF Express shipping fee for this service
  4. Express Courier - For urgent order point-to-point deliver to most commercial and residential areas (excluding outlying Islands, Ma Wan, Discovery Bay and Remote Areas) * This Express Courier service can arrange possible same day or guaranteed next day delivery. * CS must be able to contact you via email or phone to confirm time and someone needs to be home to receive the package.
  5. Package Tracking:
    All our courier services provide package tracking service. Once we shipped your package, you can go online and tracking your packages from origin to your home.
    HK Post Smart Post - Simple Status Tracking Available

    S.F Express - Detail Status Tracking Available

2. What are your shipping rates?

Free Shipping in Hong Kong for order above $HK500 For order under $HK500:

  • S.F. Express (Hong Kong)
    Rates: HK$42 - HK$100
  • HKPost Smart Post (HK, KLN, NT, Islands+Rural)
    Rates: HK$15 - HK$50
Applies for all order:
  • Express Courier (HK, KLN, NT, North Lantau)
    Rates: HK$150

Our Coffee

1. About our coffee?

We are a fully licensed coffee roaster in Hong Kong. We source the best available coffee beans from around the world, roast the coffee in our own facility and sell them on our site. All coffee products have a packing date labelled on product for customer reference.

2. Why should I buy form a local coffee roaster?

Freshness and customer service are the key benefits. With our own coffee roasting facility located in Aberdeen district of Hong Kong, we roast our coffee and make delivery daily. That means you can serve freshly roasted coffee in your home or business.

3. How is your coffee different from supermarket coffee?

Most coffee in supermarket are old and stale. They are usually roasted half the world away, and take months before they reach you. Our coffee is roasted locally and deliver to our customers quickly to ensure they can enjoy fresh and delicious coffee.

4. Where do you source your coffee green beans?

We sourced high quality green coffee around the world to bring you the best blends and single origin coffee.

International Order

1. Do you accept international order?

Hong Kong customers please place orders at our HK store:
International customers please place order at our Global Store:


1. 您的網上商店營業時間和處理時間是多少?

網上商店營業時間: 24/7 客戶服務時間:星期一-星期五 上午9點-下午6點(公共假期除外)。 客戶服務渠道:

  1. 網站實時聊天,
  2. WhatsApp + 852-9889-6155,
  3. 電子郵件
訂單處理截止時間:-週一-週五2:00 pm。 在工作日下午2點之前到達的訂單將在同一天處理並發貨。 下午2:00之後到達的訂單將在下一個工作日處理並發貨。 所有周末或公共假日訂單將在下一個工作日處理並發貨。

2. 我可以使用哪種付款方式?

我們接受Paypal,信用卡,支付寶香港 / 支付寶和直接銀行付款(櫃員機,轉數快,銀行轉帳)。
* 如果您選擇直接付款方式,請在存款後將付款收據發送到。
* 如果您選擇支付寶香港 / 支付寶付款,掃描二維碼付款時,請在個人訊息欄寫下您的發票號碼。

3. 您有零售店嗎?

我們沒有任何零售商店。 我們建議客戶網上購買。

4. 您的退貨政策和質量保證政策是什麼?

退貨政策:咖啡是一種食品。 我們不提供一般退貨政策,也不接受任何開袋產品的退貨。 品質保證:我們在香港自己的持牌工廠中烘焙咖啡,並且我們100%支持咖啡。 如果我們的咖啡有任何質量問題,只需通過電子郵件與我們聯繫。我們的客戶服務人員將更換產品並解決任何質量問題。



  1. HKPost 智能郵政-傳遞到所有郵政地址,包括所有香港,九龍,新界市區,最偏遠的島嶼和農村地區。交付需要+ 2-3天。郵遞員將嘗試1次送貨到您的地址。如果不成功,您將收到短信或通知卡,以從當地郵局領取包裹。網上跟踪可用。
  2. 順豐速運-運送到大多數商業和住宅區,包括所有香港,九龍,新界市區以及部分離島城鎮地區。交付需要+1天(第二天)。您可以要求AM或PM交貨時間。
    在線跟踪可用。 (SF提供詳細的狀態跟踪,包括送貨員的手機號碼)
  3. SF Station和智能儲物櫃-可應要求安排。請在註釋區域保留服務位置代碼。如果訂購金額低於$ 500,您需要選擇快遞SF Express運費。
  4. 點對點 “快遞”服務 - 為緊急訂單而設,可運送到大部份商業和住宅區 ( 服務地區不適用於離島、馬灣、愉景灣及偏遠地區 ) * 這點對點"快遞"服務,客服可以安排當天或保證第二天送達。 * 客服必須能夠通過電子郵件或電話與您聯繫以確認間,及需要有人在家中簽收包裹。
  5. 包裹追踪:


    S.F Express-提供詳細狀態跟踪


訂單滿$500香港免運費 $500以下的訂單:

  • 順豐 快遞(香港)
    價格:$42 - $100
  • 香港郵政智能郵政(香港,九龍,新界,離島+農村)
    價格:$15 - $50

  • 點對點 “快遞” (香港,九龍,新界,北大嶼山)


1. 關於我們的咖啡?


2. 為什麼要從本地咖啡烘焙商那裡購買?


3. 您的咖啡與超市咖啡有何不同?


4. 您從哪裡採購咖啡綠豆?



1. 您接受國際訂單嗎?




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