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After a Cup of Coffee: Reuse the Coffee Grounds in a Good Way

Are you enjoying your lovely coffee in café, or brewing your own flavor at home? I belong to the latter because I enjoy practicing the coffee brewing technique and feeling the taste of life. How would we handle the coffee grounds once we finished the coffee? Throwing it into the rubbish bin would definitely a way. However, if there are other methods which could upgrade and reuse it, these could be better choices. In this article, we are going to introduce the good ways to reuse the coffee grounds. Let’s try something different!

1. Natural Cleaning Material

Coffee grounds are particularly effective at removing oil. Since it is slightly acidic and contains activated carbon, also it is with small particles, it can absorb a lot of tiny oil and help of friction. It is a good decontamination at home. Stains between the tiles in toilets, the kitchen gas stove, the tableware after dining, etc., can be removed by the mix with coffee grounds and detergent. If the cooking pans are used for a long time, there is a layer of oil that may not be removed. Now you can put wet coffee grounds into the cooking pans and cook them until it’s dried so as to remove the oil. In addition, if the drain in toilet or kitchen is blocked, put the coffee grounds into the drain hole and pour detergent with a pot of hot water. Then the drain can be unblocked again.

2. Natural Removal of Bad Smell

Why coffee grounds will be a good natural removal of bad smell? It’s because coffee beans would form a porous structure during roasting which can adsorb off-flavors. Moreover, coffee grounds contains carbon elements and many tiny holes that can absorb moisture. Therefore, if we pack the dried coffee grounds in a small container, and put it somewhere at home which would easy to have bad smell, such as refrigerators, shoe boxes, toilets, etc., we can easily remove the smell. Coffee grounds can also absorb moisture, thus we can keep the shoes dry when coffee grounds are placed in the shoe boxes. It is very useful when the weather is in high humidity. In addition, if you put coffee grounds in the bottom of the trash before you put trash in it, it would not be easy to create bad smell. Moreover, sometimes when we are cooking, after we chopped the onion, garlic or seafood, our hands tend to have a strong smell which is difficult to remove. At this time you can easily remove the smell by washing the hands with coffee grounds.

3. Natural Planting Fertiliser

Coffee grounds contain about 2% of nitrogen, which provides the energy needed for bacteria to turn organic matter into fertiliser. It is because when coffee grounds consume nitrogen, it would promote the growth of microorganisms in the soil. Thus the microorganisms provide nutrients to the plants when they decompose coffee grounds. There are 3 ways to use coffee grounds as fertiliser: 1) sprinkle a little of coffee grounds on top of the soil, let it decompose on its own to provide plant nutrients; 2) mix the dried coffee grounds with the soil and put it at the bottom of the pot, so that the underlying soil structure would become solid, which helps to promote the development of the root; 3) Dry the coffee grounds, then add water and cook it until the caffeine is dissolved. After cooling down, put it into the spray bottle and spray it on the pot.

4. Natural beauty products

Coffee grounds are like coffee. It would promote the blood circulation. If you have swollen eyes sometime, you may mix coffee grounds with water, put it under the eyes or on the eyelids, let it sit for 10-15 minutes. This would help the removal of swollen eyes and edema. In addition, coffee grounds contains the antioxidant particles, and the small particles of coffee grounds are also help in exfoliation. Use a spoon of coffee grounds with a few drops of essence, put it on the face for 15-20 minutes, it would help in exfoliation after washing the face.

Next time after we enjoyed a cup of delicious coffee, we may reuse the coffee grounds refer to the above methods before we actually throw it away. This could be for environmental protection, as well as our life.

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