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Balance with Commercial and Environmental Protection - the Rainforest Alliance Certification in CRA

Do you know how much are the human population of coffee consumption? According to ICO, there is 4-9% increase of the human population of coffee consumption in recent 17 years for Asia. If numbers are not specific enough, maybe we could just take a glance on the street in Hong Kong: there are more and more cafes around; coffee classes are hold everywhere; people are always having a cup of takeaway coffee during work… we could notice that if coffee is becoming more popular, it would be more commercial as well, and it seems like inevitable.

In fact, in 2012, there are 2500 million of coffee farmers in 50 countries in the world, planting coffee for their living. The demand of coffee is increasing continuously, so as the competition between the coffee farmers. Would there be any ignorance of the life quality and environmental protection during coffee production because of the advantage of market value? Coffee Roasters Asia think that it is not necessary to put commercial and eco-friendly in an opposite position: they would have mutual benefits. As a part of the coffee industry, we believe that besides a cup of coffee or a bag of coffee bean, we could bring more to our customers. Recently, we found an excellent single origin coffee: Colombia Valentino Supremo RFA. She acquired the 17/18 Rainforest Allience Certificated. Here we would like to explain the reason we chose her as one of our product.

Rainforest Alliance (RFA)

The Rainforest Alliance is based in New York, USA. She is a non-profit, tax-exempt organisation whose mission is to conserve biodiversity by promoting sustainability in agriculture, forest, tourism and other businesses. Therefore, not only coffee, product like cacao, tea leaves, tropical fruits etc, as long as they match with the standard RFA provided, they could acquire the RFA Certificate.

Coffee which acquired the RFA…… What does it represent?

When a coffee acquire the Rainforest Alliance Certification mark (Green Tree Frog), it is a representation to tell the consumers that this product comes from a production place that was strictly and sustainability managed (in terms of coffee, there would be the coffee farm and the processing industry). Moreover, in the three aspects of environmental and ecological protection, workers’ work and living conditions, and production management, the certified production areas are having better performance:

  • Environmental and Ecological Protection: To ensure that the range of coffee farmland allows wildlife to inhabit, and will not destroy the original forest in the hope of stabilising the climate; protect the sustainability of the farmland so as to reduce losses of coffee farms; maintain fertile land and clean water.

  • Workers’ working and living conditions: ensure that coffee farm workers have a good work environment and wage stability; have an education system and health care facilities.

  • Production Management: The ideal of land management and good cost control will improve crop quality.


The Stand of Coffee Roasters Asia

Coffee Roasters Asia is unconditionally supported the environmental protection. We always keep in touch with different coffee growers and coffee bean suppliers in the hope of getting the latest information and bringing more outstanding and fertile coffee to our customers. Last year, we were fortunate to bring organic coffee from Gayo Mountain in Ache, Sumatra, Indonesia. She not only received the organic certification from the United States, the European Union and Japan, but also gained international fair trade certification. The story behind her production is what Coffee Roasters Asia recognises and wants to present to our customers. 

Last month, we brought another wonderful single origin coffee – coffee from Valentino, Colombia. She is being awarded the 17/18 Rainforest Alliance certification. As a part of coffee industry, we hope that with the growing demand for coffee, we will be able to bring more diversified coffee choices and support these eco-sustainable and value-added products. In addition, as a coffee drinker, we support the sustainable development of coffee industry, which means we could have more great coffee to taste. This is an action to bring benefit to human, the environment, and to ourselves. We believe that besides a cup of coffee or a bag of coffee bean, we could bring more to our customers.

At last, we would end this article by a video from Rainforest Alliance: “Follow the Frog”.(https://www.rainforest-alliance.org/videos/followthefrog) This is what Coffee Roasters Asia supporting. “Small Actions= Big Changes”, this slogan from Rainforest Alliance shows our stand too.

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