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Drip Bag Coffee

Brewing fresh coffee has never been more fun. Drip Bag Coffee is a convenient and easy way to brew a delicious cup of coffee! In the office, travelling or just kicking off a real good morning, all you need is hot water and your favorite cup and you will get to enjoy our drip bag coffee wherever you go.

Coffee lovers take our coffee drip bag on the road. For example, while on the plane for a long period of time or when only traveling on a quick weekend break. These pre-ground coffee bags are a real savior, and the coffee tastes really good.

The best thing? They are so small that they literally fit into your pocket or wallet. Gone are the days when you had to settle for not so good coffee because you had no choice. The only bad thing? Well, there are not enough roasters doing this yet. But good thing, Coffee Roasters Asia offers Drip Bag coffee in store!

Upon opening the wrapper, we immediately smelled the beautiful aromas of a very high quality coffee waiting for us to be brewed. You just add hot water. It couldn’t be easier.

Take the bag out of the wrapper, simply tear off the top of the vacuum-packed packet and filter bag to expose the ground coffee, shake it lightly to level. Get yourself a mug and place the bag in the mug using the little handles that you can fold out to hook the bag onto the sides.

What’s crucial with these bags is that the coffee shouldn’t just be really, really good, but that it is also ground medium-fine, in other words the grind level used for a V60.

Once you’re all ready to start brewing just add hot water, keeping a steady pour until you see the cup getting 3/4 full. The coffee then drips out the base of the paper filter and you’re ready to enjoy delicious fresh hand-drip coffee. The bag is with 8-10g of ground coffee, therefore making it very easy to get the right ratio and yield.

When you’re done, just discard the bag like you would with a tea bag and start enjoying your cuppa Joe. This really is one of the best ‘on the go’ coffee products ’ so far.

Can be used anywhere and anytime you want – you only need hot water

Make it possible to brew fresh filter coffee directly into your cup

Fully unfold the natural coffee’s aroma – Allows the flavors in the beans to speak for themselves – without any add-ons

Are perfect when you just want a single cup of coffee – indoors and outdoors


The drip coffee bag was born in Japan in the 1990’s and since then, has grown to become one of the standard styles of single serve coffee. Presently, sales of drip coffee bags have topped 2.3 billion annually and their popularity has been seen expanding throughout Asian countries such as Taiwan, South Korea and China.

Drip coffee bags also made their debut in the U.K., Central Europe, the United States and Canada in 2010.


Drip Bags Coffee make it possible to most conveniently enjoy your very own cup of coffee. It takes only a few seconds to set the Drip Bags Coffee on the cup and it can be used with any shape of cup or glass at any place of your choosing.

Tear coffee filter bag along the dot line

Pull out the hangers and hang them on the cup

Gently soak coffee powder with hot water (150ml/5oz.) within 2 minutes for the best taste of coffee

Remove the filter bag and enjoy your cup of fresh gourmet coffee! Visit our webstore and get yours now!

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