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It’s Christmas Time Once Again!

Shopping for a coffee lover this season? Here’s a short coffee gift blog for you!

The loveliest time of the year is just around the corner and it’s time to create a Christmas atmosphere.

It’s Christmas season and gifts being given all over the place – the office, friends, those relatives that you only see once a year, and especially your close loved ones.

It can be overwhelming to say but there’s good news.. everyone loves coffee!

That’s why you can read this short Christmas coffee blog or list of coffee gears that you can buy and give to your family and friends this wonderful season of gifting and sharing!

Let’s knock out your holiday list!

Coffee Machine: Perfectly pulled shots and frothy foam from your very own home this holiday season. Check our coffee machines that you will love in your office or at home.

Check this out!

Pour Over Brewers: Check our Hario Dripper set that you’ll love. It all depends on your preference. And don’t forget to include the filters that go with these devices or the gift will just be a tease.

Check this out!

Grinder: There is a huge variety of grinders for coffee, and many people will tell you different ones that they prefer over others. Check our different coffee grinders that your parents and grandparents will like. As long as the grinder grinds your coffee the way you like it, then it’s perfect. These stocking-friendly grinder is great for the office or travel.

Check this out!

Scale: As long as it shows the weight of what you need weighed, any kitchen scale will do, but if you’re giving this list to your loaded grandparents, we’d recommend getting one that is specifically made for weighing coffee. They last the longest and they look the coolest.

Check this out!

Hand Drip Coffee Kettle: Any kettle would technically “work” when making coffee, but hey it’s Christmas, so go with a nice coffee kettle.

Check this out!

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans: No Christmas would be complete without the actual coffee! Check our freshly roasted coffee in Blend, Single Origin, Premium, Capsule & Drip bags with special discounts this holiday. Our Christmas Bundles and Gift Set might also be your holiday choice. Give it as a gift to yourself or to your loved ones this holiday season. All Holiday Gift Set and Bundles include free local shipping in Hong Kong.

(please inquire postage if you want us to ship to overseas. Email: cs@coffeeroasters.com.hk)

So while you’re decorating your house with lights, garland, and singing stuffed animals with sweaters on, remember to make room in your designated coffee space for what is to hopefully come down your chimney this year straight from your Christmas coffee gift wish list.

May your holidays be bright and coffee-scented!

Merry Christmas!

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