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Love your Coffee this Chinese New Year

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Chinese New year is here and luck is in the air!

Red is everywhere, on the streets, at home, where family gathers for reunions. Let’s now talk a little bit about Chinese new year and the famous new year resolutions for coffee drinkers out there.

Chinese New Year is the most highly anticipated Chinese holiday of the year for it is a time of high spirits, bustling energy and many happy reunions. This is a good way and an opportunity to have fun, create family memories and teach elements of Chinese culture. Symbols and rituals are all meant to wipe the slate clean and prepare for prosperity, good luck and happiness in the new year.

How is Chinese New Year celebrated?

Chinese New Year is a time for families to get together and celebrate new beginnings. The holiday is a two week festival filled with reunions among family and friends, an abundance of delicious food and wishes for a new year filled with prosperity, joy and good fortune. Traditionally, families get together within the first three days of New Year and pay respects to their ancestors. People travel from near and far to come together, with many people leaving the cities and flocking to the countryside. Nowadays, by the third or fourth day, young people prefer to spend the last few days of the holiday relaxing, catching up with friends and going on vacation. Customs around this festival have evolved over the years, but the older generations are very superstitious and take the customs and traditions seriously. Today, Chinese New Year is celebrated with fireworks and family dinners by more than a billion people around the world.

To greet the coming of the New Year, families will get outside to launch fireworks and firecrackers. According to tradition, the noise and bright color created by the firecrackers will drive away evil spirits.

For kids, collecting red envelopes from parents and relatives during Chinese New Year could be the happiest moment apart from a winter vacation free from school. Parents and grandparents should give their kids red envelopes packed with lucky money for good wishes on the evening of Chinese New Year.

Food symbolism plays an especially important role during Chinese New Year. Almost every dish that’s served on the tables carries a wish for good luck, many offspring or good health in the future. During the two weeks of celebration that follow, the feasting continues as friends and family share good tidings for the year ahead.

Lantern Festival is the fifteenth day of a new year which is according to the Chinese lunar calendar, the first full moon of the year. This day marks the Spring Festival Celebration ends here. People eat Tangyuan which symbolizes reunion and appreciate colorful lanterns on this day. Thus the whole celebration of Chinese New Year ends and people get back to their lives again and keep seeking fortunes with all the good wishes and energies they collected during New Year period.

As we welcome the Chinese New Year which is the season for reunions and gatherings, it is best to serve your visitors some delicious coffee that they will surely like and remember throughout the year. Offer your family and friends quality coffee flavor of our Blend, Single Origin or Premium coffee that they will enjoy.

Spend your money in a coffee you can enjoy!

One way you can incorporate this tradition of new year resolution is to try new things. Why not start with your morning routine? Coffee.

We love coffee that’s why we spend money to drink a quality cup of coffee. Most people go to coffee shops and buy their favorite coffee. We surely want a good coffee so we need to pay a price for it. And of course, we don’t want to pay at higher price and taste a stale coffee, right? That’s why the taste and quality of coffee is a must for coffee lovers.

Coffee Roasters Asia offers delicious coffee like our Blend coffee, Single Origin coffee and Premium coffee. We are a local coffee roaster that cares for the quality of coffee you drink. We make sure that you spend your money with good coffee. A visit to the café can be relaxing and enjoyable, but the cost can hurt your wallet. With Coffee Roasters Asia, you don’t need to go around the corner and buy your coffee. Just place your order on our online web store and we will deliver freshly roasted coffee at your doorstep. That easy! The difference is you can make your coffee at home and you can save money. You will also drink good coffee every time you brew a cup. This sounds a good new year resolution for coffee lovers out there!

This year is all about the Pig but you can also participate with the fun. You can have the traits of the Chinese Zodiac Pig: flexible, gentle, optimistic. Try something new especially new coffee.

Happy Chinese New Year and happy brewing!

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