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New and Exciting Store Updates


We want to make our customers feel special. By creating updates for an easier and smooth online shopping, we can create a lot more happier customers all round.

Our web store is now Multilingual (English and Chinese)

Connecting with customers means speaking their language. While most people may speak English, it is typically easier to speak and understand information in their mother tongue, especially for Chinese people. When people shop, they want to feel comfortable and connected with the products they want to purchase. We believe that translating our website to Chinese language will make our web presence more welcoming to these customers. Our new multi language update is easy to navigate. With just a click on the upper right (ZH) the whole web store page changes to Chinese. Customers who would prefer shopping in Chinese language can place orders in Chinese. Frequently asked questions and enquiries that usually help customers can be translated in Chinese in just a click. If you would like to return in English language, just click the (EN) on the upper right part of the page as well. This translation makes your online shopping smooth and easier.

Password Sign in - now available

During a period of time, the webstore uses an email link to sign-in to customer account. Many customers have spoken to us about the email sign-in link, and we listened. We are thankful for customers who share their experience with us and that we can consider in making updates for easier and smooth shopping experience. Now, we have worked out for a new update to make your sign in experience better. You can now choose signing in on our online shop with your email and password or social sign in. This makes your ordering on our shop smoother. Also, our email link sign in is now deactivated.

Social Sign in

Social login buttons become a time saver for those who don’t want to spend time indicating their personal information to register on the site. Thanks to social login buttons, customers can quickly login to their accounts every time they need to access them especially during purchase. You can now easily sign in with your Facebook, Google or Twitter accounts.

Favorite Your Order Now and Navigate your Future Orders Easier

You don’t need to look for your favorite coffee on our web store again and again. We made it easier for you to place your orders. Clicking this heart button on our store makes you save your orders. You can view your favorites any time whenever you would like to place orders. This favorite button make it easier for you to navigate our store and find your favorite coffee. Sign in using our social sign in and click the Favorites on our web store and you will be directed to your favorite products. Very easy!

We hope these new updates make your shopping experience on our web store much easier.

Enjoy shopping!

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