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Organic Coffee Capsules

Coffee Roasters Asia brings you our organic espresso coffee capsule – organic coffee delivers a standard shot of rich roast coffee with flavours you can't resist.

Buying organic coffee has its own advantages. One is that you avoid synthetic pesticides in your coffee and your body, while our soil on farms and nature also benefits from less chemical exposure. We can choose organic coffee for a safer, cleaner environment and a better taste experience.

What is inside the Coffee Capsules?

Organic and Fairtrade Coffee Capsules

Organic and Fairtrade coffee has the highest quality and a flavour any coffee lover is longing. We make sure that the coffee we use in our capsules are grown under the correct conditions, respecting ethical, social and environmental values. Our coffee capsules are made from 100% Arabica beans and Certified Fairtrade Organic. Our two capsule varieties are Classic Black coffee and Colombian Fairtrade Organic coffee, which both deliver a rich and complex flavour. If you are looking for a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, to ensure fairer treatment of nature and our environment, consider trying our organic coffee variants.

Since our coffee capsules are 100% biodegradable and compostable, you can drink our organic and Fair Trade coffee capsules resting in the knowledge that you are doing better for yourself and the planet at no extra cost. Organic coffee does not harm the environment and the drinkers.

What is Organic Coffee?

To be able to call coffee ‘organic’, there are some strict conditions that must be met. These conditions include the fact that the soil must not have been exposed to chemical pesticides or growth promoters in the last three years. The coffee must also be grown in shaded conditions and close to a wooded area. It is also a requirement that a sustainable crop rotation occurs, in order to prevent a reduction in soil quality and cultivation potential. If these factors are met, the produced coffee can be called organic. At the same time, the coffee will receive a Certified Organic stamp. Real Coffee’s organic coffee meets all conditions, which is why we can use the Certified Organic logo on our organic products. Our Colombian Fairtrade Organic coffee capsule is ACO Certified and Fairtrade Organic!

What is Fairtrade Organic Coffee?

Fairtrade International is an association of fair trade organizations in countries around the world that certify that a variety of products, from coffee to tea to cotton and other goods, have been produced in accordance with Fairtrade standards.

Fair Trade USA is a non-profit organization that certifies goods like coffee, chocolate and sugar — making sure that products are made according to a set of strict standards that encourage environmental sustainability, as well as ensuring that the people involved in production were treated and compensated fairly. Fair Trade USA, the situation became a little more complicated over the past decade. Fair Trade USA, a member of Fairtrade International, began certifying coffee in 1998 and later branched out to include other products.

Our Capsule Manufacturer

The Green Ring is a consortium of companies who have redesigned the way we create and dispose of coffee capsules. At present there is a reliance on two non-renewable resources to create coffee capsules: plastics derived from oil and natural gas, and aluminum. Petroleum-based plastics, are the poster boy for an open-loop (cradle-to-grave) life cycle. They are rarely recycled (around 2% are), and usually end up either stuffed into landfill or incinerated after use.

Learn more about our capsule manufacturer: https://thegreenring.org/

Our Green Coffee Capsules

Green Ring coffee capsule will have less of an impact than the conventional coffee capsules. Our capsules work in all Nespresso® Machines. Unfortunately, they cannot be used in built-in machines like Miele, Gaggia, Saeco and Siemens, nor in machines with a capsule holder. After enjoying your coffee capsule, we recommend popping them in the organic waste bin. They can be whisked away to an industrial composting plant. Composting at home comes with its difficulties. Finding the sweet spot where the microbes in your home compost pile can flourish can be quite tricky. The pros at an industrial composting facility can do this with ease, and in their hands, it will take around 12 weeks for the caps to decompose.

Our BioCap Biodegradable & Compostable Capsules are made from a patented plant-based composite.

Our most exciting coffee offerings come from traceable farms and families who are taken care of beyond the price of their crop, allowing them to improve and reinvest into machinery, farming practices and quality of life. We would like to offer you the best from organic coffee beans to organic coffee capsules. Enjoy every sip

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