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Original Taste of Coffee: French Press’ Secret

Since the 11th century, people started to treat coffee as a kind of drink. They make coffee and drink coffee. After a long time of invention and development, the way of coffee manual brewing are colourful and diverse.

If you would like to make a cup of coffee, the process could be as complicated as Syphon, or as simple as French Press. There is a lot of fun when you make coffee using Syphon or pour over method, it would need a certain level of skills in order to make coffee well at the same time. However, we don’t need to think that making coffee is very complicated and difficult. After all, for coffee lovers, coffee is a kind of enjoyment. In this article, I am going to introduce a simple and user-friendly coffee brewing tools, which could bring out the original taste of coffee: The French Press.

French Press’ Debut

French Press, someone may know it by the name of Press Pot or Coffee Plunger. French Press debuted in 1850, France. Of coarse, most of the invention, like motor vehicle or computer, when they were invented in the first place, their form was very simple and maybe the function was insufficient. So as the French press, at that time it can’t really be called as a professional coffee brewing tools. The components of it are glass or plastic carafe, with a metal or cheesecloth screen that fitted to a rod. People were using it for tea brewing a lot more that coffee brewing.

We can imagine, the initial shape of French press has its own disadvantage: The metal screen could not separate the coffee and the grounds well. Until 1852, a proper design was patented by the Frenchmen Mayer and Delorge. However, it was still not the one we use today, since it did not create a seal inside the carafe.

Finally in 1929, The first patent of a French press (which we use it today) was patented by the Italians Attilio Calimani and Giulio Moneta. Since then, the use of French Press was started to become popular.

Press Pot = Lazy Pot?

Folks who like to drink coffee, or who have the habit to brew coffee at home, what is your impression of French press? Simple to use? Tailor- made for lazy people? without any skill requirement? No matter what is your impression of a French press, indeed, as you can see in the picture, the brewing skills of a french press is much more simple than that of other coffee manual brewing tools. It is because the principle of coffee extraction in a French press is immersion, but not filter or distillation, There is not necessary to study hard for the speed or posture of pouring when we use a French press. Once we use a appropriate recipe and be careful of the water temperature and brewing time, it is not difficult to brew a cup of tasty coffee by French press.

Nevertheless, if we use “lazy pot” as a description of French press, it maybe underestimate its advantages. User friendly would definitely a benefit of a French press. Besides, it is light and handy, which is easy to bring along. We can use it at home, in office or even use it while having a trip. Moreover, there is no need for us to use filter paper for a French press. To separate the coffee and the ground, all we need to do is to press the rod when we are about to finish the coffee extraction. It’s environmentally friendly and convenient. Also, multi- use of a French press is another goods of it. As I have mentioned above, people in France were using it to brew teas. Although the form of a French press is already improved a lot, it still could be used to brewing tea or coffee, no matter it is cold or hot! That’s why there are folks who do not drink coffee, but still they have a French press at home.

Taste the original

Some of my friends said that the coffee made by French press is not “clean” enough. They always find some small grounds in the coffee that affecting the texture of it. Is it because the absence of filter paper? Not really… In fact, this is what makes French press coffee special.

Florence Fabricant, the food critic for The New York Times, introduced to her readers that French press is the Coffee Connoisseurs’ favourite coffee brewing tools. Indeed, French press is the simplest way to bring out the original taste of the coffee. Since French press is using the principle of immersion to extract coffee, we don’t need to use filter paper for separation of coffee and grounds. This method could naturally let the coffee oil (or let say crema), and the other substance in the coffee bean to pass through the screen and go into a cup of coffee.That’s why the texture or the body of the coffee could be thicker and rounder than others filter coffee. Some of the coffee lovers may even like to use French press for dark roasted coffee in order to fully enjoy the thick and creamy texture of the coffee.

Of coarse, having a thicker body doesn’t mean that it should contain grounds in the coffee. There are ways could totally avoid the French press coffee being not clean. First of all, if we are using the brewing tools without a filter paper, we should grind the beans relatively coarser. For a French press, we better grind it similar to sea salt. In addition, when we need to press the rod once we finish brewing, please press it once and for all. If you press it down and pull it up again, the grounds would easily mix with the coffee.

The Evolution of French Press

Have you ever heard about Bodum? She is a brand of producing coffee brewing tools from Copenhagen, Denmark, famous in the worldwide. In 1970, she launched the new product “French Press Coffee Maker”. The product is so popular, which makes Bodum actually become another pronoun of French press.

Up to now, French press is not limited by its form (whether its is glass or plastic, having handle or not, etc) anymore. The “Travel Press” from Bodum, “Clever Coffee Dripper” from Taiwan, those new products or inventions are showing that the highlight of French Press is appreciated a lot in coffee industry. We can foresee that this will definitely be continued in the future.

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