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Production of Coffee Capsules

How we manufacture and produce coffee capsules in Gold Coast Australia

About Capsule Pack

In 2013, Capsule Pack Pty Ltd was established as a contract packer to service the coffee industry's need for locally packed capsules. Their factory is located in Queensland, Australia and features state of the art coffee capsule packing equipment enclosed in a climate controlled food safe environment. Did you know that Capsule Pack is Australia’s leading capsule packer of biodegradable and compostable Nespresso® compatible capsules?

Capsule Pack is a privately owned company started by Mark and Alana Beattie who also own and run Coffee Roasters Australia Pty Ltd which has been supplying and servicing the coffee industry with equipment since 2003. Capsule Pack complements Coffee Roasters Australia by offering contract packing of capsules to coffee companies and retailers. Capsule Pack Pty Ltd has the ability to manufacture capsules for use with Nespresso and Lavazza Blue compatible coffee makers.

Learn more about Capsule Pack https://www.capsulepack.com.au/

Packing with Capsule Pack Pty Ltd comes with a lot of advantages:

  • 100% Biodegradable & Compostable Nespresso compatible capsule offer

  • Award-winning coffee capsule company with outstanding customer service.

  • The only contract packing company offering a variety of capsule types and finished packaging solutions.

  • 100% local packing facility with state of the art equipment in a climate controlled environment.

  • Vast knowledge and expertise in the Australian coffee industry established through sister company Coffee Roasters Australia Pty Ltd.

  • Product freshness resulting in superior taste profiles and more variety for consumers. Coffee starts degrading after it has been roasted so the sooner it can get to the consumer the better the quality.

The Green Ring

The current way we are living is not sustainable. We are extracting resources at a tremendous rate, using them up, and chucking them away mindlessly. This open-loop model is putting our planet under immense strain, and is in need of a serious rethink. Global momentum is beginning to shift towards a new, more circular way of thinking. The Green Ring is an organisation that aspires to be at the forefront of this movement. We are rethinking the way that people look at their waste: where others see rubbish, we see opportunity and value.

The Green Ring is a consortium of companies who have redesigned the way we create and dispose of coffee capsules. At present there is a reliance on two non-renewable resources to create coffee capsules: plastics derived from oil and natural gas, and aluminum. Petroleum-based plastics, are the poster boy for an open-loop (cradle-to-grave) life cycle. They are rarely recycled (around 2% are), and usually end up either stuffed into landfill or incinerated after use.

Green Ring coffee capsules are created from compostable plant-based plastics (PLA). This material is cleverly designed to decompose, leaving nothing but healthy biological nutrients, which can be safely returned back into a closed-loop cycle.

Learn more about The Green Ring https://thegreenring.org/

How to use our green coffee capsules?

Simply use the Green Ring capsules the same way you would any other coffee cap. They work in all Nespresso® Machines. Unfortunately, they cannot be used in built-in machines like Miele, Gaggia, Saeco and Siemens, nor in machines with a capsule holder. Once you have enjoyed your coffee and it is time to throw the cap out, remember these aren’t no ordinary caps!

We recommend popping them in the organic waste bin. So they can be whisked away to an industrial composting plant. Composting at home comes with its difficulties. Finding the sweet spot where the microbes in your home compost pile can flourish can be quite tricky. The pros at an industrial composting facility can do this with ease, and in their hands, it will take around 12 weeks for the caps to decompose.

If you throw away your used capsules in the regular waste bin, then they may end up in landfills, recycled, or incinerated. In all three cases, the Green Ring coffee capsule will have less of an impact than the conventional coffee capsules. But to get the best out of our caps, put them in the bio-bin.

What is the capsule wrapped in and why?

The secret lies in the material used in our plant-based capsules. The Green Ring makes them entirely from sugarcane and sugar beet. This means that under certain conditions the capsules will fully break-down into compost. Most coffee capsules use an aluminium sachet to keep the coffee fresh, but we don’t. Aluminium not only leaves a nasty toxic trail after disposal, but is also non-renewable, and requires lots of energy and chemicals to produce. Instead, we have built in a plant-based oxygen barrier to keep our coffee fresh. This means that our entire capsule, can be chewed up, and spat out by our little microbial friends, leaving behind biomass, CO2 and water.

Unlike the plant-based plastics we use, most conventional coffee capsules are made from petroleum-based plastics. Microorganisms cannot digest these materials, and so a bit like us, they stay well clear of them!

Is it normal for capsules to sometime not eject properly?

Yes, it does happen sometimes. it’s normal, especially when the machine has made many coffees in a row and is quite warm. Simply push the capsule through to the eject chamber before continuing.

The Coffee Capsule Market

Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world. Particularly, there is great demand for single-serve coffee. To be even more specific, the global demand is for coffee in one-time use and disposable canisters. The design of the coffee capsule easily meets these criteria. It simplifies coffee: one capsule quickly yields to one perfect cup of coffee without creating a lot of mess. It’s a very appealing concept in the fast-paced nature of the world today.

Capsule Pack's facility is now ready to handle a production capacity of 25 million capsules per year, enough to meet the demand of not only local, but also international markets.

Pack your coffee with Capsule Pack

There are many reasons why you need to include coffee capsules in your product offering, and when it comes to biodegradable and compostable coffee capsules, there is no better option than Capsule Pack’s BioCap. Capsule Pack can help you get your coffee into capsules with their packing service. BioCap capsules are compatible with Nepresso® machines, and we also provide a Lavazza Blue® compatible capsule.

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