Green Bean Roasting Service

A simple way to roast your delicious coffee.

Roast your coffee with our expertise. We offer a different kind of experience, treating your coffee with care in a fast and easy process. 
Bring your own green beans to our Licence Roastery Store in Aberdeen, and we will help to roast it for you. This service is for all the coffee lovers out there. 
We are here to help you roast your delicious coffee!


Fast and easy coffee roasting with our roaster.

Coffee roasting has never been easy with the help of our experienced roaster. Just bring your green beans to us, we will roast with expertise and you achieve your flavourful roasted coffee beans. This service is open to any coffee lovers interested in roasting their own coffee.

Please call us at 3468 2118 / WhatsApp +852-9889-6155.

To start this service, kindly fill out the form and our team will contact you shortly.

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