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Classic Black Coffee Capsule (100% bio-degradable)

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Classic Black Coffee in 100% bio-degradable Nespresso compatible capsules. Classic Black coffee capsule is a superb and strong coffee blend consists of coffees from selected origins. This is specially created by our roaster for Asian market. Roasted medium to dark level for extra strength and body with a low acidity. Try it in a black coffee would surprise by its full and balance mouthfeel, while combine it with milk would help accentuate the classic coffee flavours of dark chocolate, caramel sweetness and nutty overtones.

Capsule Pack leads the biodegradable & compostable coffee pod capsules for coffee companies to service their environmentally conscious customers. This means that customers can enjoy the convenience of single serve, locally produced coffee, guilt-free. A compostable product is one that can be degraded biologically with other organic waste in individual or industrial compost without release of toxic products, but leave nutrient for new crops.

Roast level: Medium Dark

Aroma: Roasted Nut
Acidity: Low
Body: Full and Balance
Flavour: Dark Chocolate, Caramel Sweetness, Nutty
Aftertaste: Lingering Nutty Flavour

Coffee notes:

An intense full bodied coffee with notes of cocoa, caramel and nuts.

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