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Cold Brew Blend Coffee - Fruity Taste

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Medium Roast
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Cold brew is simply coffee, brewed cold.

The coffee grounds are steeped in water for up to 4-10 hours to produce a concentrated coffee essence, which is then diluted to taste and served chilled.

Brewing cold results in the extraction of a range of flavour compounds, distinct from those associated with hot brews. The process highlights the characteristics of coffee beans from different origins that aren’t apparent in a traditional hot water brew.

Cold brew coffee is mellow, and sweeter than a conventional Americano or filter coffee, with a lower acidity. It's also a greener option, as it doesn't require heat or electricity.

Product details:
12 bags x 15g per bag
Origin: Guatemala, Ethiopia, Others
Roasting Level: Medium roast

Tasting Notes:
Aroma: Floral, Cranberry, Dried Longan
Acidity: Medium
Body: Juicy
Flavour: Hawthorn, Lychee, Honey
Aftertaste: Chocolate, Dried Longan

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