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El Salvador Bourbon Natural Coffee

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El Salvador Bourbon Natural coffee is a single origin specialty grade coffee beans from Los Pirineos farm, Usulutan region in El Salvador. This coffee is natural processed and roasted in medium level. Silky body and balanced acidity. Tropical fruit, toasted nut, rice tea flavor with floral, peach aroma.

El Salvador Los Pirineos Bourbon Natural
Origin: El Salvador
Region: Usulutan
Farm: Los Pirineos
Variety: Bourbon
Altitude: 1400 - 1500 masl
Process: Natural
Roasting Level: Medium roast

Tasting Notes:
Aroma: Floral, Peach
Acidity: Balance
Body: Silky body
Flavour: Tropical fruit, Toasted nut, Rice tea

Brewing Recommendation:
  • Espresso and Filter Coffee (Black coffee)

Los Pirineos is a unique farm, situated on the Tepeca volcano in Usulutan, and owned by the unique producer Gilberto Baraona is a unique producer. It’s located on a volcanic mountain range surrounded by the cities of Berlin, Santiago de Maria and Joy. Baraona's strategy has been to experiment with different cultivars, and assess which cultivar will work best on the different parts of the farm where the altitude ranges across the farm. The farm is in an area with a great cool climate for slow maturation, good rainfall and fertile volcanic soils. The climate and growing conditions in this area are great, the cold nights makes the maturation slow and the flavor development really nice.
The cultivation of coffee at the farm was started in 1890 and said that the original seeds of the property and the mother plants were imported from Antigua Guatemala. Currently the farm cultivates the varietals Bourbon Elite, Pacas and Pacamara. They have plots of of native coffee trees, natural mutants and hybrids originated from all over the world. Los Pirineos farm was one of the pioneers in El Salvador to build its own Micro Coffee Mill.
Usulután, from the Nawat language (meaning "city of the ocelots"), is a department of El Salvador in the southeast of the country (Lenca region).
Well-trained pickers select ripe cherries only. The coffee is brought to the Los Pirineos micro mill in the afternoon to be hand-sorted of unripes and over ripes.

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