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Gaggia - New Classic Espresso Manual Machine

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This Gaggia - New Classic Espresso Manual Machine is a professional full chromed brass group and filter holder, professional steam wand, intuitive user interface and classic iconic design.

Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
Capacity water tank: 2.1 L
Product dimensions (L X H X D): 23 X 38 X 24 CM
Stand-alone weight: 7.3 KG

Designed and made in Italy

PROFESSIONAL GROUP AND FILTER HOLDER- guarantee optimal coffee temperature and an improved in-cup quality.
PROFESSIONAL STEAM WAND- with two holes makes the best milk froth for gorgeous cappuccinos
SOLENOID VALVE- the 3-ways solenoid valve ensures a constant control on water pressure inside the filter-holder, guarantees a perfect drying of coffee pucks
NEW ROCKER BUTTONS INTERFACE- a new intuitive interface with dedicated indicator lights for on/off, espresso and steam for a total control of the functions
FILTERS KIT INCLUDED- 3 filters available to suit each level of expertise – from beginners to pro – for ground coffee or coffee pods
STAINLESS STEEL CUP PLATE- the cup plate for 5 cups keep them always ready to use
NEW BODYWORK DETAILS- a renovated stainless steel bodywork shape to make the water level visible, a new drip tray to improve stability, and an iconic filter-holder with the signature Gaggia “G”
15 BAR PUMP- the perfect pressure to make an Italian espresso with a layer of authentic “crema naturale”

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