Subscriptions FAQ

  1. Q: How can I pay my Subscription plan?
    A: The subscription plans can only be paid by Credit Card monthly.

  2. Q: How will I know that my subscription has been activated?
    A: Once the subscription plan has been placed,  you will receive an email order confirmation.

  3. Q: When will I be billed for the monthly recurring subscription?
    A: The next payment will be charged automatically by your eligible credit card every month until you cancel, depending on the date you placed your subscription.

  4. Q: How is the monthly shipping for all the subscription plans? 
    A: You can enjoy free shipping for any subscription plans you choose.

  5. Q: How do I manage / cancel my Subscription plan?
    A: You can cancel your subscription plan at any time by logging in to your CRA account page. You may change your payment details or cancel the subscription.

  6. Q: How do I change my coffee option?
    A: After logging in to your account, kindly cancel your current subscription first and subscribe again to the updated coffee option.

    If you require assistance, please contact our CS by Whatsapp
    9889 6155 or email