We offer a series of fun and interactive coffee workshops for everyone who wants to explore the coffee world. 
Join our
coffee tasting and Group Workshop every 2nd Saturday of the month. We also offer a Private Workshop (by Appointment) perfect for you and your friends. Check the list of workshops and schedules for this month!

Please call us at 3468 2118 / Whatsapp 9889 6155

Workshop Schedule
Latte Art Workshop
Great for learning new tips and skills in pouring a basic latte art. Have fun with family and friends.
Coffee 101
It’s time to explore the coffee world! Learn new and exciting coffee experiences.
Hand Drip Workshop
For home baristas who want to make the best result of their filter coffee, book a class now.
Espresso/Latte Workshop
Have fun and learn making espresso/latte with an espresso coffee machine.
Coffee Roasting Workshop
Learn ways to unlock the delicate flavours within each bean. Have fun and roast your own coffee in this hands-on workshop.